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Bin Extender 1.0.0100

Bin Extender is a utility for managing the capacity of your Windows Recycle Bin
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Bin Extender is a utility for checking and setting the capacity of your Windows Recycle Bin item. The Recycle Bin is shown as an icon on the Windows desktop, and it has a specified space limit or capacity. Bin Extender alerts you whenever the Recycle Bin capacity crosses a specified limit by showing you a new Recycle Bin icon.

Download and installation of the program is fast and easy. The utility can be loaded at Windows startup for all users or for the current user. Its graphical user interface is most simple. You are presented with a small setting box containing a dropdown menu and a slider. With the slider, you can set the capacity of the recycle bin from 0 to 1000 MB. A new icon is displayed whenever the recycle bin is close to getting full. For emptying the recycle bin, you can also use the system tray shortcut. There is also a choice of Recycle Bin icons and styles are available. You can choose styles from Windows 9x, NT, ME/2000 or XP icons. What I liked the most about this software is its ability to be configured easily.

The trial version of the software is limited to 15 days. Bin Extender is known to generate a page fault at MSVBVM60.DLL. A VB Runtime file has to be downloaded to correct this error.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Easy to configure and better recycle bin management


  • Needs a VB Runtime file to correct a bug
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